Customer Service

The Archives provide information necessary for the initiation of official proceedings for the enforcement of citizens' rights and for the taking of evidence in the course of such proceedings and issue certified copies of documents of evidential value held in the Archives for such purposes.

In particular, our archives are at the service of our customers in the following areas:

war pensions, estates, property, legal services, proof of employment and apprenticeship, name changes, and construction.

Foreign citizens can also contact our customer service for naturalisation and citizenship matters.

Please note that for private customers, in customer service matters, requests can be filed

- by post using the forms below (, at the address 1 Török Ignác u., Veszprém, H-8200 Hungary,

- via the personalised administration interface (PAP) online: (, (,

- via government offices,

- in person at the Archives' Customer Service.

No administrative action can be initiated by phone or e-mail; only information can be provided.

The customer service phone number of our archives: +36 70 457 7886

Further information:

Customer service office hours:

Tuesday: 9-15
Wednesday: 9-15
Thursday: 9-15

For more information, see:

- Data Processing Guide:
- Forms: