Capacity Development

Projects supported by the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 ECoC programme:

1. Capacity building 1 – EFL course

The Archives has been awarded a grant to improve the English language skills of staff most involved in the implementation of ECoC programmes, with the aim of enabling colleagues to communicate more fluently with international partners and guests. Among managers and staff working in the field of public education, 3 persons completed the Katedra Language School course between June 2021 and May 2022.


2. Capacity building 2 – EFL course, visitor-friendly and horizontal developments

English language training continued with the enrolment of 4 additional staff members between June 2022 and December 2022. We plan to create and install signs and inscriptions in the visitor-friendly area to help visitors, especially people with disabilities, to find their way around more easily. A KONTAKT sign language interpretation service will be provided to make the archives services accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people. Currently, we are working on acquiring the Access4you trademark with bronze certification. As regards green improvements, we are planning to install selective waste bins and a "Green Corner" in the building's reception area, where guests can find out about the institution's environmental awareness measures and general good practices.


3. Institutional visitor-friendly development - English language website development

An English-language version of the Veszprém County Archives subpage of the National Archives of Hungary collection portal is being developed to provide information about our institution to international visitors.