XXVI. 2.

No. XXVI. Main Group of Fonds – Institutes and Institutions

(1939)1945–1993; 363,44 linear metres

This main group of fonds consists of 6 subgroups: building industry, industry, trade, transport and postal administration, agriculture and food administration and finance. Generally speaking, most fonds of the group are incomplete; therefore it is advisable to study them as additional sources, parallel with the material of their superior authorities. In most cases, the original order of documents has been disrupted; the contemporary finding aids have been lost, have not been prepared or have not been transferred to the Archives. As a result, the records are rearranged and accessible by repository indexes.

The most significant fonds of the group are as follows:

Institute of Architecture, Scientific Institute of City Planning, Aluminium Industry Designing Institute, Leather-work, Artificial Leather, Boot and Shoe Manufacturing Research Institute, Domestic Trade Research Institute, Postal Planning Institute, Research Institute of Agricultural Economics.