Secretariat of the Director-General

Secretariat of the Director-General
Phone number:(+36 1) 225–2804
Fax number:(+36 1) 225–2817
/1/ Performing administrative tasks for the Director General
/2/ Preserving and managing the central file department of the Archives
/3/ Technical transaction of international relations
/4/ Performing tasks of a private secretary for the Director General
/5/ Carrying out administrative tasks for the Deputy Director General I and the High Commissioner for Security
/6/ Registering and handing out official stamps of the Archives
/7/ Designing, preparing for printing, distributing archival publications
/8/ Preparing applications of the institution
/9/ Uploading content of the homepage of the Archives
/10/ Keeping contact with the media
/11/ Organizing professional meetings
/12/ Organizing and executing courses of archivist, archival employee and assistant archivist trainings
/13/ Registering the actual state of the personnel; managing the compulsory professional training
/14/ Managing the central post office providing internal and external postal services of the Archives