Post-1526 Collection (1527–20th century)

Section "R" – Post-1526 Collection

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Most records of this manifold collection are based on the material of the Archives of the National Museum.

The largest part of Section 'R' refers to the Revolution and War of Independence of 1848-1849 and after its suppression, the emigrés. The most valuable materials are the Kossuth- and the Klapka-Collections. Printed finding aids to the chronological series (R 90) of the Kossuth Collection are available for researchers. A writers index and a name index of people mentioned in the letters are available to the György Klapka's Correspondence (R 295, Item 22). The large collection of printed material of 1848-49 and the emigration (R 32) also deserves attention.

The series of patents of nobility (R 64) is a significant subject collection, that contains more than a thousand original charters and its research is aided by an electronic finding aid. Records of the counties (R 293), towns (R 314) and smaller communities (R 307) as well as the Transylvanian collections also provide a rich source for historians.

The online inventory of the collection can be accessed online on our homepage.

Most of the correspondence of 1848-1849 and that of the emigrés was written mainly in French and German, but researchers can also meet letters written in English or Italien. The rest of the records is written in Hungarian, in Latin and in German.