Peasant families

In Hungary, the liberation of the serfs was effected only in 1848. After the revolution, the expression "serf" was not used in everyday language. Instead, it was replaced by the "peasant" word reflecting the significant social changes.

For those interested in the history of serf families, similarly to civic families, (besides parish registers) it is most practical to start with census returns. Coming to know that at which landlord’s domain the family lived, the next move is the same as in the case of market-town commoners, research must continue in the family archives of the relevant landlord. In the case of serf or cottar (landless) families it is also advisable to look over terriers (archival call-number C 59), census returns (E 156), as well as church-rate and tithe indexes (Regesta decimarium, E 159), accounts and receipts.

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