Human Resources and Institutional Relations

Human Resources and Institutional Relations
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- The Department can be found in the main building of the Archives at Bécsi kapu square. According to the Regulations on researching and copying, it provides accessibility to archival material stored by the Departments I, II and III and the administration of registrations of researchers.
- Making copies of records ordered by researchers and the institution for management purposes
- Written and verbal information services for clients in connection with the characteristic features, composition, processing and accessibility of material stored in the Archives
- Administering and registering national and international loaning of records for scientific purposes
- Registering and co-ordinating visitors in the main building at Bécsi kapu square co-operating with the record keeper departments in case of professional guiding
- Within the frame of the Department, the Diplomatic Information Workgroup records and processes electronically data and regesta of medieval charters