High Organs of the State Authority (1944–1980)

No. XVIII. Main Group of Fonds – High Organs of the State Authority

1944–1980; 293.66 linear metres

These records of major importance are originated by the legislature. The archival collection includes the documents of the Provisional National Assembly (functioned for a few days only in 1944-1945), the National Assembly of 1945-1947 and the fragmented records of the Parliament. A small part of the Parliament's documents originated after 1947 is still in the custody of the parliamentary archives.

The archival collection contains fragments of the parliamentary material. In 1997, the National Archives of Hungary took over the abbreviated and certified parliamentary protocols generated between 1949 and 1988, which are bounded together with the original copies of the sealed laws. Reference code: N 45, Ladula H. Privilegia recte articuli c. fond, Series A - Fasciculus 4/b.: Az 1949-1988 közötti rövidített jegyzőkönyvek.

Between 1945 and 1946 the National High Council acted on behalf of the head of state. It had the right to appoint officials, grant convicts a pardon and it also made decisions in pension and certain diplomatic cases. The Presidential Council of the People’s Republic (NET) acted on behalf of the head of state and the Parliament (between its sessions). From among the documents of the NET only part of the supervisory files on local councils, arranged in the system worked out by the secretariat of the NET, were transferred to the Archives.