Collection of Seals (11th–20th century)

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The "Collection of Seals" subtitle of the above mentioned basic inventory of 1956 only refers to a series of the Archives purchased from Museum Director Elemér Varjú, which consists of a collection of squeeze mouldings and some damaged original seals. In fact, the size of the seal collection was less modest even at that time, as, among others, the post-1526 Collection preserved the seal and arms collection of Gusztáv Altenburger and Sándor Réső Ensel as well as the Zichy-Czikán crested seal and copy collection. The seals of government authorities and the seals handed over by Austria in accordance with the Baden Agreement after 1927 lay in chests in repositories. This material was assessed and placed into the Collection of Seals in the 1980s.

Besides seals, the material of this section consists of collections of imprints of seals. In addition, the development of the copy series of medieval seals, which will help to avoid the use of the originals, is in progress. The most frequently researched series of the section is the Altenburger-Réső seal and arms collection which contains the seal imprints of sovereigns and localities of the Austrian and German Empires as well as the seals of Hungarian counties and localities in alphabetical order under the subtitle "Hungary and the Hungarian Empire". The above mentioned Collection of Elemér Varjú consists of 436 copies of seal imprints of medieval sovereigns and officials.

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