Changing of names (Renaming – Magyarization)

Regarding family history research, the question of renaming (Magyarization) may also be crucial. After all, if you do not know who Magyarized his name from what and when, research can easily stall. Magyarization assumed more considerable proportions in the second half of the 19th century, and again between the 20s and 40s of the 20th  century. Two publications deal with this subject: Waltherr, Imre: Névváltoztatások [Changing of Names] 1817–1871 (manuscript, Hungarian; the Library of the National Archives of Hungary), 1872. Szentiványi, Zoltán: Századunk névváltoztatásai. Helyhatósági és miniszteri engedéllyel megváltoztatott nevek gyűjteménye [The Changing of Names in Our Century] 1800–1893. Budapest, 1895.

The renaming records of the 20th  century (1904–1944) are kept in the Archives of the Ministry of the Interior (K 150). Only the alphabetical card-indexes have microfilm copies (Microfilm collection: boxes 30789–30809.).

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