Archives of the Transylvanian Chancellery (1686–1848)

Section "B"

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Between 1690 and 1848 the Transylvanian Chancellery was the supreme government authority in Transylvania which formed a part of the Habsburg Monarchy in the period.

Its function was similar to the Hungarian Chancellery's role: it forwarded the orders of Vienna to the Transylvanian government organs and submitted the reports and appeals of them to the Court. Between 1782-1791 the two Chancelleries were unified by a decree of King Joseph II, then it was divided again and from then until its termination the Transylvanian Chancellery managed local affairs independently.

The archival material of the Chancellery's Registry consists of two main components: general and presidential records. A large number of records, created before 1775 were discarded. The material of the Transylvanian Chancellery Archives contains the documents of Chancellery and other officials, the records of acting officers of the Court and of royal commissioners as well as several collections of record series mainly concerning Diet issues.

Since the material of the Transsylvanian Royal Court was completely burned in 1956, it is a unique source of civil and criminal issues brought before the Chancellery as well.

Language: mostly German and Latin, partly Hungarian

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