Archives of the National Archives of Hungary

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Among the administrative documents created during the activities of the institution since 1875, the "General files" (Y1, Y7) form an exceptionally important part of the Archives. On the one hand, these record units serve as the primary source concerning the post-1875 history of the National Archives of Hungary. On the other hand, they include important documents concerning the pre-1945 archival administration of Hungary, e.g. reports from the 1880s and 1940–42 concerning county and municipal archives, the archival matters in connection with the Trianon peace treaty, the preparation of archival acts (1940s) and the matters of the municipal training (professional exams) of archivists. The plans, technological descriptions, tenders and protocols concerning the construction of the building at Bécsi kapu Square, the legal regulations, decrees, international agreements and contracts concerning the National Archives are preserved in a separate series. Besides the large number of files concerning the organisational structure, personnel, accessions, publishing and educational activities, reprographic and preservation work, research and information services as well as the international relations of the institution, these record units also include materials of which extent and popularity make them noteworthy: the expert opinions of the National Archives given to the National Board of Local Registries on place-name specifications, revision of stamps of local authorities, and to the Ministry of the Interior on nobility verification as well as the legitimate use of family crests and titles.

The administrative records of the former New Hungarian Central Archives are kept at the Department of post-1945 Political Government Agencies (see their description there).