Archives of the age of Absolutism (1848–1867)

Section 'D'

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Section 'D' includes the documents of political government authorities and various administrative offices that operated in Hungary between 1849 and 1867. Since both state administration and office routine were frequently reorganised during these 19 years, research in the material is rather complex and time-consuming.


From a researcher's point of view the material can be divided into two main categories: (a) material of the district offices and locotenential departments that operated between 1849-1860 together with the central ministries and locotenential authorities operating paralelly, and (b) material of the organs re-established in 1860-61 after the pattern of the central government organs that existed before 1848.


The records relating to the administration of Transylvania can be found in the material of the Archives of the Government Authorities of Transylvania. As for the records of the financial administration you can find material in the various archives of Section 'E'. Complete research of the 1850s can be conducted only by looking through the material that remained in Vienna.


Language: exclusively German between 1848 and 1860, Hungarian and partly German from 1861. All most all the sub-fonds have a useful manuscript list. All container lists of the section and Volume 2. of the repertory are available online from our website.