Are there any online records for family tree research?
Visit our continuously expanding online record collections here. And visit one of the many family tree information websites online.
Are there any post-1895 parish registers in the National Archives of Hungary’s microfilm collection?
We cannot help, because we keep the register up to 1895. You should apply to the church.
How long I have to wait to get my ordered documents?
This depends what kind of document it is. Find details here.
How much does the research at the archives costs?
The National Archives of Hungary is not authorized to do the research itself, however happy to give information about the family- and local history realated documents or research methods. This information is completely free of charge.
I am interested about the records of the MDP (Hungarian Working People’s Party) Secretariat meetings. Where can I find them?
These records are digitalized and available online via digitarchiv.hu.
I don’t want to make a research in your archives, but I would like to see the building inside. Is this possible? How much does it costs?
The building and the exhibition are available for pre-registered groups only. We provide English and German guides if needed. Registration is at the Information Office.
I flew here from Argentina last year in vain, because I could not obtain some documents containing personal information. Why?
Pursuant to Law 1992. Act LXIII. § 9. the protection of personal data and public disclosure of data, documents containing personal information are accessible with restrictions for citizens outside the European Union. Contact us to get information about the possibilities to research restricted documents.
I found Hungarian-language papers among the documents. Will the research room staff help me to translate them?
Archives records until 1867 are mostly Latin and German written, after 1867 mostly Hungarian written. Who initates research in our archives should have at least reading knowledge of these languages.
I found post adoptation entries in late 19 century parish birth certificates. Can I find entries in earlier documents as well? If not, where to find adoptions related documents?
Post entries are occured from the late 19th century only. In early 19 century or before they are occured only in exceptional cases. Visit local archives for earlier wardship documents.
I live in abroad and I know that my ancestor came from Hungary. I would like to search the family tree. Where can I earn?
About the genealogical techniques, literature and sources of information visit our Family Research menu. In case you contact our Information Office and let us know all the information you have about your ancestors, the National Archives of Hungary will reply you within 30 days all the needed information to fulfill a succesful research. The research work must be done by you or your representative.
I sent a letter to the archives a week ago and still not received a reply. How long do I have to wait?

The final deadline for reply is the 30. day after receipt, however the National Archives staff are to provide information as soon as its possible. In some cases numerous finding-aids or repertories must be looked through and consultation needed with other archivists for a professional and accurate answer. Usually five to ten workdays needed to wait for a response. For additional comments or complaints contact the Information Office.

I would like to know more about my great-grandfather’s company prior to the nationalization. How can I do this?
Archival holdings of industrial, commercial, transport and agricultural companies, financial institutions, insurance, cooperatives, marketing representative of national importance are hold by the Department of Business Archives and the  Department of Post-1945 Economic Government Agencies . The liquiditation of smaller companies are generally carried out by the Pénzintézeti Központ (Banking Center), which archival holdings is currently on the Economic Department. To obtain further information about the existence of the company you are looking for, send us an email with the company's name and other known information included. If the research in MOL does not work, the competent regional archives may help. You can find the availability of the regional archives of Hungary here.
I would like to return the papers of my grandfather to Hungary. How can I do this?
It is possible to deposit documents in our archives for 25 or 50 years. The National Archives of Hungary make a contract with you and you can determine which permits needed to research the material. In any event you should ensure archives access. During the escrow period the files remain on your property. If escrow period expires you or a family member can take the documents or make a gift contract and pass through the property to the Archives.
I'm looking for a World War II missing person information. Please help!
The Military Archives is the competent authority on this issue.
It was found that some files are missing from the material of the 1715th year’s national census. Why? Are there other national censuses?
The survey covered the scope of Hungary's civil administration only they are not related to Transylvania, Croatia-Slavonia, the Turkish-controlled Temesköz and Bács-Bodrog, Csongrád, Csanád Arad and other parts under the military government.The national census contains the names of taxpayers only, therefore it lacks the nobility. We hold national censuses in The Regnicolaris archives, from the 1720s to 1828.
I’m interested about the 1944-1948 SZDP and MKP documents. Where can I find them?
The documentation of the Social Democratic Party and the Hungarian Communist Party are hold by the Archives of Political History.
I’m interested in Germans settlements in the 18 century. Are there any roll-call lists of families that settled in?
The National Archives of Hungary keep files about Chamber – royal - settlements originated during the period between 1749-1785. About private settlements, settlement contracts in the private family archives can be helpful, ecclesiastical settlement lists are available in the local church archives. The Banat resettlement documents prior to 1778 are in Vienna . The subsequent documents highly rejected, from the rejection protocols only the fact of settlement can be established without any additional information. Find more under the Family research menu.
I’m interested in matters of surveillance. Is it possible to study this topic here?
The surveillance files are kept by the Historical Archives of the Hungarian State Security. Website contains detailed information about the search terms and downloadable forms.
I’m looking for a craft license from the 19th century. Where to start the research?
You should seek craft licenses in the documentation of the territorial (county/city) archives. You can find the availability of the territorial archives of Hungary here.
I’m looking for a nobility certification. I know the family name only. Can you help?
Nobility certifications from the 18th century can be found in the material of Archives of the Hungarian Treasury annd in the Archives of the Locotenential Council. Documents from the 19th and 20th century are partial, kept under the Archives of the Ministry of the Interior.
I’m looking for a property deed of an estate in Romania, formerly belonging to Hungary. Where and how can I find it?
The National Archives of Hungary does not keep any land registries or copies of land registries, or any other district court or General Court documents generated outside the borders. But it is not impossible that there are documents related to land purchase or expropriation can be found in the documentation for example of the Ministry of Agriculture. For successful research the following information are required: What was the settlement of the property? Who were the owners? How long did they have property? What was the property land register reference number? The research, however, should be start definately in the territorial archive, because they keep the estate administration of the District Court and forensic documents.
I’m researching my family tree. Any help or advice how to proceed, would be appreciated.
First of all, gather all the available documents – baptismal registers, obituaries, family records, photos, oral memories etc. - from elder family members. For further information use the help for family researchers.
My grandfather emigrated to the United States but I don’t exactly know in which year. I would like to know that would you give any proof that he was a hungarian citizen, are there any list of emigrated people?
We don’t have lists of neither the passport claimants nor the passengers of the ships. You can find relevant records in the documents of the Ministry of Interior, though many of these documents are destroyed.
So far as I know, my family papers are kept in the archives, but I don’t know exact numbers. Where can I find them?
Get help from our Information Office.
What documents are required to registration at the archives?
A valid ID card or valid passport must be presented. It is recommended to provide phone number or e-mail address in order to ensure that the research room staff, if necessary, contact you quickly and easily.
What is the enrollment fee for the archives?  
Research at the National Archives of Hungary is free of charge regardless of nationality, occupation or age. Research Room Regulation gives information about research restrictions.
What kind of services the archives can provide for copiing?
Original documents can be photocopied or digitallized by the standards of conservation. Please note that if the documents are sent by mail orders, the minimum billing amount is 50 EUR or 60 USD. When you come to our archives personally you can use your own digital camera. Click here for information about our prices.
Where and how can I find the relevant documents of name changes?
For name changes before 1893 find relevant information int he book Századunk névváltoztatásai (1800-1893) Bp., 1893. Considering the time period 1894-1913, the Interior Ministry holds highly incomplete holdings. The Interior Ministry did not provide files originated after 1913 to the National Archives of Hungary. For the customer service’s contacts click here.
Where can be found the 1857th and the 1869th census material?
The 1857/58 census summary curves are hold under the Archives of the age of Absolutism. The summary sheets do not contain family names. The 1869 census material is not hold by the National Archives of Hungary.
Which is the earliest original document, which is hold by the Hungarian National Archives?
The oldest document is the foundation statute of the monastery in Veszprémvölgy from 1109.