Finance Office

Finance Office
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The Finance Office consists of two sections:

a)Section of Finance, Accountancy and Labour
Scope of activities:
/1/ Outlining the budget of the institution
/2/ Administering the use of allowances
/3/ Modifying allowances of competence
/4/ Performing tasks of using and utilizing means of the institution
/5/ Administering labour tasks and supplying data
/6/ Managing the cashier’s office
/7/ Book-keeping
/8/ Wage accounting, performing duties of controlling (FEUVE) and supplying data

b)Technical Section
There are three caretaker’s offices within the section: 1. at Bécsi kapu square, 2. at Hess András square, 3. in Óbuda. The offices are directed by commissioners delegated by the finance director in agreement with the director general.

Scope of activities:
/1/ Providing the maintenance, operation and upkeep of the real estates of the Archives
/2/ Technical management of investments, reconstructions and general overhaul
/3/ Performing labour safety tasks and organizing trainings of labour health regulations
/4/ Maintenance and upkeep of the vehicles of the Archives
/5/ Handling stores, depositories and inventories of property of the Archives
/6/ Purchasing and supplying materials, instruments and equipment required by the departments
/7/ Managing the distribution and the sale of archival publications