Archives of the Ministry of 1848–1849

Section 'H'

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The Independent Hungarian Ministry established in 1848 took over the tasks of the earlier central Hungarian government offices and those tasks of the central government offices in Vienna that referred to Hungary. The Ministry consisted of the Presidency and the Departments. The Departments - Department of the Minister Responsible for the Affairs Concerning the King, Department of Domestic Affairs, Financial Affairs, Public Labour and Transport, Agriculture and Trade, Religion and Education, Justice, and National Defence - were headed by a Minister. Actually, these departments were called Ministries.

The material of the section is arranged in accordance with the organisational structure of the Ministry. Besides the records of the Ministry the collection includes the official correspondence of several government commissioners and the records of the municipalities created in 1848-49. Although the Archives of the Ministry of 1848-1849 is the primary source of the period, it does not contain all the existing records of these years. The Parliamentary material of 1848-49 can be found in the Archivum Regnicolaris (Section ‘N'), and the records of several revolutionary personalities, corporations and associations operating in those years are placed in the Post-1526 Collection (Section ‘R').


Language: primarily Hungarian, to a smaller extent German. The material is arranged by item and it is supplied with manuscript registers of the period. Descriptive inventories, repertories, computer lists and indexes aid research. The whole collection can be researched on microfilm.